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Tehran - 20, 21 Dec 2018

IFMARC is the only FIFA and AFC excellence center in central Asia which has started to hold annually football clinic congress since 2017 with support of AFC. this congress will focus on different subjects including; health, media, management, technology, coaching and analysis.

Iran Football Medical Assessment and Rehabilitation Center

IFMARC, The Organizer of the International Congress of Football Clinic

In 2015, Iranian Center for Medical Assessment and Rehabilitation, IFMARC, became the member of the 30 countries that are licensed by FIFA. From 2017, IFMARC was mandated to host the Annual Congress of Clinical Football, including “professional football medicine and sciences speeches and workshops and the granted attendance certificates.

An International Event

Football Clinic

Considering the interest and investment in football medicine and sports sciences in recent decade, most of scientists and specialists have been interested in football clubs and organizations and have started to compare instruction equipment, innovations and recruiting medical staffs from all around the world.
The Congress, with the aim of transferring knowledge amongst various groups of football audiences, has sought to attract and engage with individuals and professionals active in the international arena. We believe that knowledge transfer provides the best practices for improving athletes' health, sports and athletic performance and bringing together domestic and foreign specialists in various fields of football and football medicine, exchanging their views and transferring their information can provide a platform for improving the quality of medical services internationally.

Football Clinic

Hosting of the most practical specialezed workshop

Invitation call for all your scientific papers and specialized posters from all scientists and experts, professors in football science and also football medicine.

The goal of the 2nd International Congress of Clinical Societies is to bring scientific scholars together with coaches and referees to share their ideas and experiences in the field of football science. This congress provides opportunity for scientists and professionals to discuss about new methods and topics available in sports and sports medicine and challenge each other.

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About Football Clinic

Football is developing rapidly in the ancient continent. Different parts of the football are connecting to each other like a chain, and when something separates one part of this complex, it won’t work well anymore, so we need to instruct all football staffs well in order to develop.

IFMARC is the only FIFA and AFC excellence center in central Asia which has started to hold annually football clinic congress since 2017 with support of AFC. This congress will focus on different subjects including; health, media, management, technology, coaching and analysis.

Volunteers who are willing to participate in this congress must apply their proposals in the mentioned subjects and take part in the practical and modern workshops and get familiar with the newest achievements in different fields of football.

Second international football clinic congress will be held on 20-21st in December in following year in Tehran with collaboration of AFC.

One Asia, One Aim

AFC Validated Certificate


  • Different practical workshops in various football fields
  • Presentation about the football medicine contents according to the latest FIFA standards
  • Provision of practical and educational lecture panels by the best specialists in Asia and the world
  • Participation of the international specialists and professors
  • Availability of congress vene


  • Physical examination of the professional and amateur athletes and referees before the start of the sports season according to FIFA standards and by the Sport physicians.
  • Enforcing anti-doping laws.
  • Formulating rehab protocols in such a way that athletes return to sports fields in the least possible time.
  • Conducting research projects.
  • Provide a fit diet for athletes.
  • Physiotherapy services with the best equipment and appropriate therapeutic exercises under the supervision of a sports physiotherapist


The first FIFA medical center of excellence in Asia and the exclusive FIFA medical center of excellence in Iran.

We are an ambitious team to provide all medical services to the all athletes based on the latest and newest international standards and we are looking for improving the quality of our services in the center every day.

Gurcharan Singh

Bringing the various components of football and sharing of expertise and experiences on a common professional platform is yet another right step forward towards the development of the sport. Football due to its worldwide popularity and the high level of play puts enormous complex demands on care of players as well as organizational framework of the sport. Organization and preparation for football events often stretches multiple resources such as financial, medical, training technical to name a few. Access to sound evidence based medical services, the practice of interventional injury prevention programs and its implementation, the technical support and appropriate coaching environment are some of the challenges faced by teams in Asia.

It is important to understand each other related areas of football in order to best adjust, contribute and cooperate for a common goal as a professional team. It needs a multi-disciplinary approach, team work and trust in each other that brings about positive outcomes. Hence, wining the hearts and minds of team members is essential for its success.

The sport of football is confronted with various political, geographical, scientific and managerial challenges. Lack of scientific data on playing football at high altitudes, environmental pollution, age determination, confounding gender verification procedures, travelling across several time zones and its effects on performance, tight football schedules, governmental interferences, racial and match fixing as well as organized doping operations needs to be addressed and come up with fruitful solutions or directions.

I sincerely hope that this Congress will make some inroads into unchartered areas through scientific cooperation and research. Hope participants will share their expertise, increase their international network of experts and enjoy the great hospitality of the Iranian People.

Best regards and a successful Congress

Dato’ Dr. Gurcharan Singh
Chairman, AFC Medical Committee.

Zohreh Haratian

Dear Colleagues,

I am honored to introduce you the 2nd international football clinic congress which is supposed to take place in following December in Tehran. It’s so crucial for us that this kind of gathering happens annually in different counties of Asia.

This congress will be held with support of FIFA, AFC, Iran Mall, FIFA medical center of excellence in Algeria by IFMARC. According to AFC’s motto which says “one aim, one goal” we all are going to do is develop soccer in every fields in the best possible way. Therefor I want to ask you to join us with your presence.

Dr. Zohreh Haratian

Prominent Speakers

Dr. Zohreh Haratian
Dr. Zohreh HaratianFounder and CEO of Football Clinic
Dr. Zohreh Haratian
Dr. Zohreh HaratianFounder and CEO of Football Clinic
  • IFMARC ( FIFA & AFC Medical Center of Ecxelence ) CEO
  • AFC Medical Committee Member
  • FIFA Medical Officer
  • AFC Medical Officer

Sports & Exercise Medicine Specialist

Keyvan Molanorouzi
Keyvan MolanorouziScientific Secretary of Football Clinic
Keyvan Molanorouzi
Keyvan MolanorouziScientific Secretary of Football Clinic
  • Assistant Professor at Islamic Azad University, Tehran
  • Chairman of Mental Skills committee of IFMARC (FIFA & AFC Medical Center of Ecxelence)

Ph.D. Sport Psychology

Dr. Azadeh Hakakzadeh
Dr. Azadeh HakakzadehExecutive Secretary of Football Clinic
Dr. Azadeh Hakakzadeh
Dr. Azadeh HakakzadehExecutive Secretary of Football Clinic
  • Women Football (Under 16) Team Doctor
  • Women Adult Futsal Team Doctor

Sports & Exercise Medicine Resident

Event Agenda At A Glance

First Day

(20 Dec 2018)


International Congress

Football Clinic


  • Injury Prevention Strategeis in Asia
  • Acl Injuries in FootBall
  • Soccer Coaching
  • Technology in Soccer


  • Knowledge In Female Football Workshop
  • Workshop on FIFA 11+ For Adults
  • Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing Workshop
  • Nutrition Workshop In Football
  • Workshop On Programming The Schedules Of Football Exercises
  • Functional Exercise Training In Football Workshop
  • Strategies To Prevent Collusion Workshop
  • Workshop On Mental Skills Of Successful Athletes

Second Day

(21 Dec 2018)


International Congress

Football Clinic


  • Soccer Nutrition
  • Football Tendon Injuries
  • Management in Soccer
  • Media in Soccer


  • Workshop On Approach To Concussion
  • Football Medical Emergencies Workshop
  • Return to Sport Workshop
  • Workshop on FIFA 11+ For Adolescent
  • Kinesio Tape Workshop In Football
  • Analysis In Football Workshop
  • Introduction To Professional Contracts In Football Workshop
  • Workshop On The Key To Success In The New Futsal Rules
  • Workshop On Grassroots In Football

Important Dates

Countdown to the grand opening of The 2nd

International FOOTBALL CLINIC Congress

(December 20th,21st, 2018 - 2018-12-20 & 21)

Commence Of Registration To Participate In Football Clinic/Workshops
11 Dec 2018
Commence Of Abstracts Submission
12 Oct 2018
Abstracts Submission Deadline
13 Dec 2018
Final Notification Of Acceptance/Rejection of Abstracts
13 Dec 2018

Event Agenda

The Event Agenda Table of the second international Football Clinic congress is available for download in PDF format at the bottom of this table.

Registration: 8-9
DateCategoryFromToTopicLectureSpeakersTitleBoard MembersPlace
9:0010:00Opening Ceremony
10:0010:05Injury Prevention Strategeis in AsiaWelcome SpeechDr.Zohreh Haratian Football

Prof. Karim Chamari | Dr. Ali Mazaheri Nejad | Dr. Mohammadhossein Najafi | Dr. Michiko Tashima

20 Dec 2018Medical10:0510:20PCMA Dr. Bahar HassanmirzaeiPCMA (Pre Competition Medical Assessment in football) Main Hall
10:2010:35prevention of injuryDr.Paisal11 for health
10:3510:50Injury and Illness SurveillanceProf. Karim ChamariInjury and Illness Surveillance in Asian Elite Football: The AFC Study
10:5011:05Sudden Cardiac Death in FootballDr. Hooman AngooraniPrevention Strategies of Sudden Cardiac Death in Football
11:0511:20Age DeterminationDr. Michiko TashimaNew protocols of Age Determination in Football
11:3012:00Coffee Break
12:0012:20Football InjuriesGroin PainDr. Jaspal S. SandhuGroin pain in Football PlayersDr. Hamidreza Aslani | Dr. Sohrab Keyhani | Dr. Jaspal S. Sandhu | Dr. Mohammad Razi
Main Hall
12:2012:40Miniscus InjuryDr. Sohrab KeyhaniArthroscopic findings of Miniscus Injuries in Football
12:4013:00Shoulder InjuriesDr. Hamidreza AslaniShoulder Injuries in Football Players
13:0013:20Return To PlayDr. Bahar HassanmirzaeiFunctional Testing and Evaluation Before RTP
12:0012:20Nutrition in FootballFluid IntekeMr. Orod Mohajer IravaniDehydration And Football PerformanceMr.Foad Asodi| Mr.Mohammad Faramarzi | Mr. Alireza Jahan Mihan| Mr. Orod Mohajer Iravani
12:2012:40Immune SystemMr. Foad AsjodiThe Effect of Nutrition Immune System in Football Players
12:4013:00Nutrition And recoveryMr. Mohammad FaramarziNutrition for Recovery From Training And Competition in Football
13:0013:20Appetite and Food IntakeMr. Alireza Jahan MihanThe Effect of Exercise and Protein Intake an Appetite and Food Intake
13:3014:15Break & Lunch
Soccer coachingTalent IdentificationMr. Feridon Moeinitalent identification in football
Non- Medical14:1515:15Coaching PhilosophyMr. Morteza Mohases Elite Coaches IdealogyDr.Keyvan Molanorouzi| Mr. Feridon Moeini |Dr. Bijan Zolfaghar nasab | Mr.Mahmood Shiee
football in Schools Mr. Hossein BaboieThe devlopment of football among students in Islamic Repoblic of Iran
Psychology in FootballDr.Keyvan Molanorouzipsycchology profile of Iran premier league soccer players
Competitive balanceDr. Seyed Salahedin NaghshbandiAn indicator for determining the value of soccer leagues
15:1515:45Coffee Break
15:4517:00Technology and other Sports in Soccervenue technologyMr. Omid GharechourlouThe role of technology in the construction of sports facilitiesMr. Morteza Mohases | Mr. Mehdi Dadras | Dr.Habib Honari
coaching and Technologies Mr.Akbar Mohamadisoftwares technology in football coaching
History of the use of Technology in Football and Its Role in ArbitrationMr. Navid MozafariHistory of the use of Technology in Football and Its Role in Arbitration
football and other sports Dr.Neda Shahrzadfootball and sports all
DateCategoryFromToFootball for AllDr. Farideh shojaieewemon football development Board Members
21 Dec 2018Medical08:3010:30Dr. Sajjad ArshadiVibration training
Dr. Bahar Hassanmirzaiee | Dr. Rahman souri | Dr. Farshad Ghazalian | Dr. Ebrahim Alidoust
football for AllDr. Maryam VatndoustThe effect of twelve weeks of aerobic training on visfatin gene expression in young soccer's men
Dr.Leila Sofizadehwomen Football
Dr. Shima GhanadiEvaluate the Effectiveness of Back Squat Training at two Different Intensities on the Lower-Body Strength and the Flexibility of the Hamstring Muscle Group in Elite Soccer Players
Dr. Mahsa HoseiniCompilation of the evaluation tool for the identification of intangible assets of Professional football clubs
Mr. Hooshang NasirzadehFootball Administration
10:3011:00Coffee Break
11:0011:20Football Tendon InjuriesEpidemiology of Hamstring InjuryDr. Farinaz FahimipourPrevalence & Risk Factors of Hamstring injury in footballProfessor Karim Chamri | Dr. Hooman Angoorani| Dr. Sivaraman Arumugam | Dr. Amin Norouzi
11:2011:40Hamstring Injury EvaluationDr. Azadeh HakakzadehCommon Clinical Findings of Hamstring Injuries
11:4012:00Ankle ArthroscopyDr. Sivaraman ArumugamAnkle Arthroscopy Findings in Football Players
12:0012:20Ankle Injury RehabilitationMr.mehrsha RahbariAnkle Injury Rehabilitation Exercises
12:3013:30Break & Lunch
Non-Medical13:3014:45Management in SoccerMarketing in FootballMr. Sadegh DeroudgarThe method of negotiation and marketing in footballDr. Alireza Asadi | Mr. Saeed Azari| Mr. Sadegh Deroudgar|Hooshang Nasirzadeh
Sociology in FootballDr. Darwin SabouriExplaination and transformation of soccer to drama in the 90’s
coaching and management Mr. Majid JalaliFootball and management
club management Mr. Ilk Cagriclubs management instructure in Turkey
Social Responsibility in FootballDr. Ehsan MohammadiDoes football have any responsibility for hope and despair in the society?
14:4515:00Coffee Break
15:0016:30Media in SoccerMedia Knowledge in FootballDr. Hamid GhasemiThe Effect of Cyberspace in Developing Knowledge in FootballDr. Abdolhamid Ahmadi |Dr. Maziyar Nazemi | Mr. Gholamhossein Shabani Bahar|Mr. Alireza Khalifeh |Mr. Khosrow Valizadeh| Dr. Hamid Ghasemi
Social Networks in FootballDr. Reza ShajiExplaining Mass Media Paradigm Theory
Media in FootballMr. Shahab GhasemiMedia Literacy in Football
Media and FootballMr. Omid Faraghat football , media and sociaty
Media in SportMr. Mohsen Asimimedia and cyberspace : speed or accuracy

Workshops Agenda

The Workshops Agenda Table of the second international Football Clinic congress is available for download in PDF format at the bottom of this table.

DateCategoryFromToTopicsTitlesInstructorsCost (Toman)CapacityVenue
20 Dec 2018Medical14:0018:00Workshop on FIFA 11+ For Adults Adult +11 ProgrammeDr. Zohreh Haratian | Mr. Amirreza Aftabi400,00025Class 2
14:0018:00Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing WorkshopGas Analysing CPET ( Practical Session )Atlas Azma Company400,00025Class 3
14:0018:00Nutrition Workshop In FootballSupplement & Nutrition During Training in FootballDr. Mohammad Samadi | Mr. Majid Ghomi | Ms. Khadijeh Mirzaei400,00050Class 1
Non Medical8:0012:00Workshop on programming the schedules of football exercisesPeridization PrinciplesMr. Feridon Moeini400,00050Hall B
8:0012:00Functional Exercise Training In Football WorkshopSoccer Specific Functional TrainingMr. Gholamreza Jahani400,00025Class 1
10:0012:00Strategies To Prevent Collusion WorkShopStrategies to Prevent CollusionMr. Mohammad Yazid Bin Zakaria50,00025Class 2
10:0012:00Psychology in SportsIntroduction to 9 Effective Mental SkillsMr. Keyvan Molanorouzi200,00025Class 3
DateCategoryFromToTopicsTitlesInstructorsCost (Toman)CapacityVenue
21 Dec 2018Medical
14:0016:00Football Medical Emergencies WorkshopFootball Emergency DetailsDr. Azadeh Hakakzadeh | Dr. Bahar Hassanmirzaei | Dr. Jens Kleinfeld200,00050Hall B
14:0018:00Return to Sport WorkshopMultidisciplinary Approach Dr. Hooman Angoorani | Mr. Meysam Alipour | Mr. Gholamreza Jahani | Mr. Keyvan Molanorouzi400,00025Class 4
14:0018:00Workshop on FIFA 11+ For AdolescentKids +11 ProgrammeDr. Zohreh Haratian | Mr. Amirreza Aftabi400,00025Class 2
14:0018:00Kinesio Tape Workshop In FootballTaping for Pain Reduce & Muscle StrengthMrs. Zeynab Hosseinzadeh | Dr. Parisa Nejati400,00025Class 3
Non Medical8:3012:30Analysis In Football WorkshopPrinciples of Analysing and Introducing new Analysing SoftwaresMr. Morteza Mohases | Mr. Hesam Gheysarzadeh | Mr. Adel Nasirifar400,00050Hall B
8:3012:30Introduction To Professional Contracts In Football WorkshopProfessional Contract DetailsMr. Rouzbeh Vosough Ahmadi400,00025Class 2
8:3012:30Workshop On The Key To Success In The New Futsal Rules Modern Tactic Strategies : Key to successMr. Naser Saleh400,00025Class 1
10:3012:30Workshop On Grassroots In FootballAFC Grassroots ProgrammeMr. Masahiro Sugirayma | Mr. Feridon Moeini200,00025Class 3


Who is going to get the football clinic congress certification certified by the AFC?

This electronic certificate is issued to all those who, on the first step, registered on the website of the Football Clinic Congress and paid for the related costs online and subsequently participated in the congress panels or workshops as an attendance. It should be noted that the scholars whose scientific papers are accepted by the congress are also among the recipients of this certificate.

How do we get the certification of the Football Clinic Congress certified by the AFC?
Is it possible to pay a registration fee for participation in the congress or workshops, in person and on the day of the congress in cash?
Will the refund be paid if the conference is canceled or unavailable?


To see the second international Football Clinic Brochure in full scale, please click on above picture.

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